An Introduction

The Mayfair Champagne Accessories are Ultra-Premium champagne accessories hand made to the highest quality and by the finest craftsman.
Champagne buckets and coolers have been part of the Champagne experience since the 18th century. Champagne should always be served cold; it's ideal drinking temperature is 7°C to 9°C/45°F to 48°F, where the bottle is chilled in a bucket of ice and water for 15 to 20 minutes before opening, which ensures the Champagne is less gassy and can be opened without spillage. Champagne buckets are made specifically for this purpose and have a larger volume than standard wine-cooling buckets to accommodate the larger bottle, and more water and ice.
In addition Champagne is usually served in a Champagne flute, whose characteristics include a long stem with a tall, narrow bowl, thin sides and an etched bottom.

Our Champagne Bucket

Our Champagne Bucket is a gold champagne bucket with diamond decoration and lettering. Our champagne bucket is made of an inner layer of hand crafted crystal with a gold and diamond exterior. It is fashioned in the image of the baroque style in handle, base and shape.

It has a diamond decoration all around the bucket and diamonds around the rim of the bucket, with diamond lettering.

Our Flutes

Our Flutes are gold champagne flutes with diamond decoration, with long stems and hand crafted inner core.
Our Flutes have a diamond decoration around the flute. Twelve of our flutes are included with our champagne accessories’ set. Our Flutes are also available separately in sets of two, four, six and twelve.

Our Company

Mayfair Champagne Accessories is a family-owned premium luxury business. The strength of Mayfair Champagne Accessories lies in our ability to build brands, to shape the image of brands through design, and to translate that same image into the world through product excellence.

We are immensely passionate about the quality of our products, and the dreams of our customers.

This passion is expressed by our products audaciousness, enterprise, fervour, imagination, inventiveness, and vision. Our commitment to our values is total and our products speak to this.

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